Bills would boost Meals on Wheels program

Published 02-24-2019

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AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) - About 400 Maine seniors are on a wait list for Meals on Wheels, and a pair of bills would boost state funding for the program.

Maine Public reports that one bill would spend a half a million dollars over the next two years to address the program's wait list. The other would spend $1.5 million annually to absorb further demand.

Meals on Wheels, which largely relies on federal sources and local efforts, delivers food to homebound seniors ages 60 and older unable to prepare their own meals.

A similar proposal made it through committee two years ago, but died when no funds were appropriated.

Maine Council on Aging Executive Director Jess Maurer says it costs roughly $1,800 per-person to deliver five meals a week over the course of a year.

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