Hip-Hop Makes Cheese Taste Sweeter, Study Says

Published 04-08-2019

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You know how pregnant ladies make their unborn babies listen to Mozart in the womb to make them smarter? The Swiss are also doing that, but with cheese. Seriously. Students from Switzerland's University of Bern linked up with local cheese purveyor Käsehaus K3 to explore the effects of music on the maturation of fromage.

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Eight different wheels of semi-hard cheese were tested over the span of six months, during which five "listened" to different genres of music in special boxes while three listened to pure sound waves at particular frequencies. A ninth wheel was designated as the control element and was kept in silence for the duration of the experiment, but all were made with the same milk in the same kettle on the same day. Check out the track list to see what the other cheeses were jamming out to:

Ambient: Yello "Monolith"Classical: Mozart "The Magic Flute"Techno: Vril "UV"Rock: Led Zepplin "Stairway to Heaven"Hip-Hop: A Tribe Called Quest "Jazz (We've Got)"

After the maturation process was complete, slices from each wheel were sampled by a panel of art, culinary and political experts including Burgdorf mayor Stefan Burger, artist Celia Sidler, "insect cook" Andrea Staudacher and chef Benjamin Luzuy, who is reportedly considered the "Jamie Oliver of Western Switzerland."

The differences in outcome were "all rather small," but it was noted that the control sample was most pungent and the hip-hop sample had an intensely fruity taste and odor. Of course, more research needs to be done to tell whether or not music can truly alter cheese's maturation process. So what does all of this mean?

"These results are very interesting for us chefs and open up new ways of creatively working with food in the future," Luzuy said in a statement. And to be honest, it would be bad-to-the-bone knowing that your cheese was bumping some serious jams before it made its way to your cracker. Wait until it hears Drizzy Drake. Just "Hold On, We're Going Home" to eat more cheese.

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