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Whether you're here to seal the deal or enjoy a family getaway, Wheeling offers you an unforgettable escape. There are countless ways to relax, kick back and enjoy the southern atmosphere. Come and discover why West Virginia is supposedly like heaven.

As West Virginia, we are proud of our mountain heritage and are honored to share it with you. If you've never been here before, look forward to the opportunity to meet you and share a piece of West Virginia heaven with us. We are pleased to welcome you to our Wheeling Hotel in the heart of the state capital with a special guest room and are pleased that you will be at our side again. If you're looking forward to meeting those of you who have stayed with us and want to have a great time getting to know us and sharing a piece of their heaven, please check out this list of great hotels in our area.

Don't forget to stop at the cottage to see the Hatfield and McCoy Trails, where you can find a wide range of trails from the top to the foot of the mountain. Let us help you make the most of your visit to one of the great hotels in West Virginia in Wheeling by email [email protected]. Call us now at 304 - 664 - 9516 or send us an e-mail at [email protected]. It features a large 21-45 metre lounger over Staffords Creek with views of Mount Vernon and the Blue Ridge Mountains, and an outdoor dining area.

It is located on the Gyandotte River near the R.D. Bailey Dam, which has a boat port. Fishing and kayaking are popular activities. We offer guided tours to the Blue Ridge Mountains and a wide range of hiking and biking trails. Twin Hollow guests also have access to a large outdoor dining area overlooking Mount Vernon and the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Some other pet-friendly accommodations are located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, such as the Hatfield - McCoy Trail and a few other areas of the Appalachian Trail. Hatfields and McCoy Trails permits are also available at the Twin Hollow Hotel and several other West Virginia hotels.

Besides the Hatfield - McCoy hiking trails, there are other leisure and entertainment options within a short drive. Family-friendly highlights at the Twin Hollow include an outdoor pool, picnic area and outdoor leisure area. Other popular attractions in the Blue Ridge Mountains in West Virginia include Logan Mountain State Park, Joe the Bulldog National Wildlife Refuge, the Appalachian Trail and several other hiking trails.

The rental has a large gravel parking lot and there is ample parking for vehicles and trailers that can easily get to Hatfield - McCoy Trail. ATV and dirt bike riding, but parking is not a problem and the rental shares gravel parking with several other hotels in the area.

The Rockhouse Trail System is connected to the Devil's Anse Trail System, and no trail experience is required, but there are several trails in the area, such as the Hatfield - McCoy Trail and the Buffalo Mountain Trail. The Rockhouses Trail also connects with the Appalachian Trail, a 300-mile network of trails in West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. In addition, the Devil's Path system runs through the city of Williamson, connects the Devil's Path systems with the Buffalo Mountain Trail systems in Williamson and connects them to both.

The trail runs along the infamous Hatfield-McCoy Trail System, which includes over 500 miles of mild but rugged trails that wind through the mountains of West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina, as well as the Appalachian Trail. Karie's Montogomery is located on the western edge of the Rockhouses Trail system, just a few miles from the Devil's Trail and Buffalo Mountain Trail systems. Cottages on Rt. 1 and cabins at the end of Route 1 in the town of Glen Allen.

A number of other restaurants are within blocks of the property, including River City Metropolitan and Citi Grill. Larry and Joe Harless Community Enter offers an indoor pool and gym, and the lodge is accessible from Route 1 in the town of Glen Allen, just a few miles from the Devil's Trail and Buffalo Mountain Trail systems. This table will help you to find the most convenient date for a reservation in Wheeling for a future trip. It is located on the eastern edge of the Rockhouses Trail system in West Virginia and can be stayed in a number of hotels and vacation homes along the way.

Play and then stay for a quick and fun mini getaway or find a place to play with friends and family in Wheeling, West Virginia and stay in one of these hotels.

Nestled in the valley, the ATV Friendly Town Gilbert, which offers easy access to the nearest trailhead, and Joe G. Gilbert State Park offer views of the mountains and the beautiful Gyandotte River as you step out of your hotel room into the wilderness of the Great Smoky Mountains of West Virginia.

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